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Image by Giorgio Trovato


  • Ensure hands are clean and dry before you begin.

  • Gently push back cuticles with the flat side of the wood stick. Soak hands for 5 minutes in warm water if cuticles are stubborn.

  • Use your buffer to gently buff off dead cuticle and any shine on your nail plate. You can use nail file to lightly rough up nail for better adhesion.

  • Wipe nail surface with alcohol prep pad and select proper nail size for each finger.

  • Apply nail glue on your natural nail, working from the tip down towards the cuticle. Cover entire nail with glue. Make sure to not flood your cuticles with glue. Using a 45 degree angle, press into the cuticle and then flat onto the nail Ensure false nail is straight and press onto nail bed for 20 seconds. Additionally, press into sides of nail.


























Glue Tabs Application
Alternative 1. Select a sticker which fits the false nail tip. 3. Gently press the sticker to ensure no bubble or gap between the sticker and the false nail tip. 4. Remove the protection sheet from the sticker. 5. Place the false nail tip to your finger and press it for about 10 seconds. 6. Keep away from water within on hour and avoid keeping your hands in water too long. 

For a longer lasting manicure, use a gel base coat, cure and adhere glue onto nail. Tips for Removal 1. Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes and nail sticker can be removed easier. 2. If you remove it abruptly, you can also clean the remain nail stickers with water

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