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Making the Switch to Professional Skincare

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

SO many people are used to buying over the counter skincare products. It's easy to run to the store and grab the closest thing available. Grocery stores like Target and CVS have an array of choices mass made for home use. This leads to lack of regulation, especially by the FDA. " The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, a division of the FDA, recently released information about all of the documented adverse effects that occurred as the result of food or cosmetics since 2004. The three most commonly-reported sources of problems were".

  1. Skin care products

  2. Hair care products

  3. Tattoos

They're usually inexpensive and target a specific problem like oiliness, wrinkles or fight acne but the problem is the target ingredients are so low that they may not do the job intended. They also have many filler products that damage the integrity of the product's job.

1. Low quality additives like "fragrance" , "parfum" and "phthalates" signify a product isn't qualified. This can lead to pre mature aging and additional skin concerns.

2. With professional products, the performance ingredients are higher, more potent and offer better and faster results. Professional skin care ordered through an Esthetician, given you access to medical grade ingredients at a higher concentration. In turn, you can expect faster results in a shorter amount of time.

3. You'll save more money over time and products will last longer when you end up using a smaller amount because the concentration ingredients are higher. It's best to re-up every 3 months. You only need a dime sized amount of cleanser and moisturizer!

4. Your appearance and skin care goals can be achieved faster when you work with a professional. Every single item at Joy Aesthetics serves a unique purpose and is curated, tried and tested by a skincare professional. Start your journey with our professional cleansers!

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